Our school is affiliated with Cambridge university.the Associate registration number is NG115. The partnership with Cambridge University allows us to run international curricular in conjunction with the national curriculum for early years(Creche and nursery), Primary, junior and senior high school. This is necessary to achieve our educational vision and aims which include academic excellence, fulfilling the potential of every learner and giving learns a basis of knowledge and understanding what is relevant for today and prepares them for tomorrow.

Cambridge Programs and qualifications have a proven reputation for being an excellent preparation for university, employment and life. Leading universities and employers worldwide value and recognize Cambridge qualifications as evidence of academic ability. They open their doors for Cambridge learners. As a responsive school, we aim to develop learners who are confident, innovative, responsible, reflective and engaged -equipped for success in a fast-changing modern world.

Our  pupil (ages 5 to 11) can sit for the following international examinations;