Ongoing Admission (From April 24th -To October 30th, 2021) Admission Fee = 10,000

open day

Basic School Open Day 2021

An excerpt from our just concluded Basic school open day. it was a successful one and we thank parents, teachers, staff and management for their efforts towards having a hitch-free open day event while observing the covid-19 protocols.
Open day

Class activities

Expressive Arts and designs (Lizard collage):

We linked our learning in our ‘Understanding the world’ (UW) class to our art work. In UW, we learnt about ‘Bugs and reptiles’ which should be driven away from our homes, these includes mice, snakes, cockroaches, mosquitos and lizards. Hence, we made some lizard collages which reinforced our learning on the fact that ‘a lizard is a reptile’